Opening Soon. 


We are delighted to share, the re-opening of the restaurant will happen in the near future, prioritizing the health and safety of our customers and crew. 


The company is extremely grateful for the support of our loyal customers, the hard-working attitude of the employees, and our landlord and suppliers for the ongoing support during this challenging period. 


We look forward to serving you once again. 


Crown Jewel Fine Dining Restaurant 







A cup of our finest "Tie Guan Yin" tea, and our Signature BBQ Pork Bun is the best combination at Crown Jewel Fine Dining 御膳豪庭!

We strive to provide our customers with

the finest dining experience and quality food.

We are located on Warden Ave. 

just south of Steeles Ave. East. where Bamburgh Circle is.

御膳豪庭就在 Warden Ave. 和 Bamburgh Circle。